The Club

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I am currently (hopefully) recovering from a bout with viral gastroenteritis. I will spare the gory details but let’s just say the highlight of my day so far as been that I have been able to eat a handful of crackers without any major ill effects. While at my doctor appointment yesterday the nurse read in my chart that I… Read more »

Thank you!

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I seem to have stumbled upon the secret for getting TONS of feedback (mostly via email and Facebook) on my blog. I had no idea how many people had such strong feelings about Homecoming antics!   While I still disagree with most of you on this one I am very grateful and thankful for ALL of your comments and thoughts…. Read more »

But it’s a tradition!

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I need someone to explain to me- in very small words- why vandalism in the name of tradition has become socially acceptable.   This week is homecoming in several area towns and along with that is miles and miles of toilet paper strewn into every tree in sight. I have been told it’s harmless fun. No, it isn’t. Go ask… Read more »

I Told You So

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I have had the Randy Travis song (recently remade by Carrie Underwood) “I Told You So” stuck in my head for 2 days now. And the worst part is that it’s Carrie’s version that’s lodged in my brain trying to drive me slowly insane. Don’t get me wrong- I think Carrie Underwood is very talented- but I just don’t think… Read more »

Julie and Julia and Me

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Last night I saw the movie Julie and Julia starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. This is the story of a woman (Julie) who cooks every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook and blogs about it over the course of a year. If you haven’t seen it I higher recommend it! Meryl Streep is wonderful as Julia Child!   Let me… Read more »

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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Tomorrow night my favorite season officially begins- FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!   (What? You were thinking of something else?)   Yes, it’s the magical time of year when everything is possible and even the Detroit Lions are still in the playoff hunt! I love it! For the next 4 months on any given Sunday you can find me on my couch yelling… Read more »


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I am half dead (or feel like it anyway) with a sinus cold but there are 2 things I just had to say: #1 Those are NOT my feet in my last entry. I pulled that picture off the internet!! #2 Why is it that the more TV channels I have the less there is on??

The Toes Have it

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I don’t know any woman who is truly happy with how they look. Most of us have days when we feel like we look pretty good and days we think we look like something that people should be charged admission to see. And no we don’t know why. It’s just a woman thing! Today was not one of my good… Read more »