A Gentle Reminder

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This past week my husband and I have both been battling a nasty cold.   We have many of the same symptoms, but not all.  I am not going to gross you out with details, but safe to say it’s been a pretty ugly week around here.

I suppose it’s pretty normal, but I have been asked approximately a zillion times if I think he and/ or I have COVID.  And no, I don’t. Both of us can taste and smell, neither of us have a fever, and I’m not coughing at all and hubby’s cough has not been dry (again, I will spare you the details).

While I have been trying to limit my contact with others right now, the other day I had to swing into a local gas station and I sneezed while there.  I did sneeze into my elbow, and I was not close to anyone.  Neither of those stopped a total stranger from giving me the stink eye.

Of course, we do all still need to be careful.  COVID is still out there and people are still dying of it. But we are all more together than we were a year ago.  All kinds of germs- COVID and otherwise- are going to be floating around and people are going to catch colds, sinus infections, and all the other bugs we associate with winter.  Not to mention that right now with the harvest season in full swing, allergies are in full swing as well.

So, the next time you hear someone blow their nose, sneeze, or even – gasp – cough, please remember that they might not have COVID?


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