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Are you a Covidiot?

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Hopefully, the answer is a resounding “No!!  I am staying home as much as I can.  I am washing my hands frequently.  I am making sure I’m social distancing when I’m out and about, and I am wearing a mask when I am in indoor public spaces.”  If so, good for you!! “But wait!!  I have a really good reason… Read more »

Get Married Already!

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We’ve all seen a few- or maybe a lot of you are very popular- announcements that couples are pushing back/ rescheduling their weddings due to COVID 19.  Of course we all need to social distance right now, and that’s hard to do in a church or large reception hall. I’m here to suggest something you might think is crazy if… Read more »

Chocolate Day

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Yes, today is Chocolate day! I don’t think I have to tell you how to celebrate this one.  Whether you prefer dark, milk, or white (which according to purists isn’t chocolate at all, but it’s chocolate to me), go out and get some and enjoy it today!