Cockatoos and Parrots and Videos- Oh My!

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I get a lot of (mostly) good natured grief over some of my entertainment choices.  Specifically as of late, folks find it odd/ unusual/ crazy that I have become a fan of watching YouTube videos of birds.  Most notably I am a fan of Mr Max TV- a moluccan cockatoo, and Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot- an African grey parrot,

To those who find this amusing or confusing I have one thing to say-  Have you seen reality lately?

Between COVID and Trump there is so much bad news happening every day that even trying to just stay minimally informed is overwhelming.  Then you add in social media where folks are arguing over, well, just about everything, but mostly topics related to COVID and / or Trump.  Even talking to friends and family offline can be stressful when your politics/ world views don’t align with theirs.

Max and Einstein don’t talk about current events.  They don’t try to guilt me into feeling or thinking any particular way.   They will say “Hi!” or “Eat your corn” pretty much every day.  They will not look at the camera when they are supposed to.  They will make a huge mess when they eat.  They are consistently themselves.   I find that consistency very comforting right now.

So sure, go ahead and make fun of me for watching these videos.  I understand they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.  But think about what you watch/ read/ consume and ask yourself- how much more crazy really are talking bird videos really?

NOTE-  Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash  Photo does not depict either bird mentioned above.

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