Conspiracy Contradition

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Have you noticed a very odd contradiction in thought by your relatives and/ or friends who love nothing more than to share the latest government conspiracy theories with you?  I just noticed it myself, but now that I see it I can’t unsee it.

Typically these folks LOVE to tell you how bad/ useless/ incompetent the government is.  Everyone in the employment of the government are clowns who couldn’t find their ass with 2 hands and a flashlight.  They are the dumbest of the dumb and the most useless people who have ever breathed air.  It’s a sin we have to put up with them at all.

YET, this same band of clowns and jokers are pulling off next level schemes.  They are controlling the weather, the price of gas, and our access to (insert quack miracle cure for everything from arthritis to cancer here).  They are burning down food manufacturing facilities, releasing secret diseases into the general populace, and tracking us through (insert insane theory of the week about that here).

And those are just the new ones.  Of course there are still the golden oldies- we never went to the moon.  Birds aren’t real.  911 was an inside job.  Chemtrails.  They just never seem to get old.  Snort.

How is this possible?  If the government is too incompetent to do the little things right, why on Earth would you think they have the ability to do anything big?

Someone needs to explain this to me.  In very small words.

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