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I was sitting in a fast food restaurant today minding my own business and trying to figure out how to do something on my Droid (which has become my new hobby). 3 people who appeared to be in the 18-23 age group were at a table next to mine and one of them happened to notice my new toy. She announced to her lunch companions that Droids were so COOL and she wanted one too but her mom wouldn’t buy her one. I had to smile to myself.


As I was driving back to work I starting wondering- am I cool? I’ve never been cool in my life! I don’t even know how to be cool!

I starting taking stock. I own a Droid- check! I own a laptop with Windows 7- check. I own a Fossil watch (well, it’s a Relic but that’s a Fossil brand)- check. I have over 200 Facebook friends and yes I actually do know who each and every one of them are- check. I can name more than one Nickelback song-check. I have a blog- check. Wow!
But then I took another look around. I drive a 2000 Pontiac that doesn’t have working AC or cruise control. Most of my clothes come from clearance racks or discount stores. I do not understand the appeal of Robert Pattinson. I’ve never watched an episode of Jersey Shore.




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