The Age of ?

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Lately I’ve been struggling with the fact that my parents (pictured at left a couple years ago at their 40th anniversary party) are aging. They both turned 65 this month, and while they are mostly in good health the cold hard fact remains that more of their lives are behind them than ahead of them at this point.  Yes, of… Read more »

Gimme Shelter!

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Recently my husband and I were watching “Wife Swap”, which is a silly reality show where two women swap places into either other’s families for 2 weeks.  And of course, to make good TV they always find 2 families as different as possible for maximum drama.  In this particular episode the biggest point of contention between the households was the… Read more »

Civics for Dummies

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On this, the eve of our country’s birthday celebration, I am compelled to vent about the amazing lack of basic understanding of the way our government is designed that so many citizens seem to have.  So, in case you also have forgotten your 5th grade Civics and/ or never watched Schoolhouse Rock on Saturday mornings, here is the US Government… Read more »

I’m selfish

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Or at least that’s what I’ve been told recently.  Apparently my and my husband’s joint decision to not procreate was purely about our own selfish needs.  Never mind if we donate time and money to charities.  Never mind if we have great relationships with our younger family members.  Never mind if we didn’t think we’d be good parents. Never mind… Read more »

In Defense of Men

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Turn on any TV sitcom.  Almost without fail the dad is clueless and clumsy and the mom is smart and sophisticated.  And that couple’s daughters will be smarter than their sons to boot! Read any women’s magazine.  You’ll find this month’s tips on getting that clueless boyfriend or spouse you have to help you out around the house, make nice… Read more »

Welcome to my new and (hopefully) improved blog!

After quite a lot of thought- probably too much- I have decided that a blog reboot is in order.  I am hopeful that this reboot will help me focus my ideas a little more and actually blog more than one a quarter.  I intend to focus on marriage and family related topics, but nothing’s off limits.  And speaking of off… Read more »

I do? Or don’t I?

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Once again I’ve taken a longer than intended hiatus from blogging.  I wish I had a really good excuse, but I don’t other than that I don’t really want my blog to be entirely about marriage.   I don’t consider myself any sort of expert on the topic, yet it seems like most of my recent posts and ideas I’ve… Read more »

Conservative Thought

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So, after several months of blogger’s block I finally got inspiration from the oddest of places- Twitter. And what’s the topic? “What is a conservative?” This may seem like an odd topic for a self-professed moderate Independent. But I grew up in a very conservative family. My uncle was Minnesota First District Republication chairman for several years and in fact… Read more »

Rapid Fire Segment

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Once again it’s time for our favorite game- Multi Mini Blog Fest! First up, I don’t understand Occupy Wall Street at all. Are the protesters suggesting we all grow our own food, make our own clothes and live off the land? I welcome serious, civil explanations only. Weddings are getting out of hand. Couples are taking out HUGE loans to… Read more »