For Love or Money?

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Due to a slew of new hires at my job, I’ve recently had the “You have a blog?” conversation numerous times lately.  And several of those folks have actually looked me up- which always feels good 🙂

I’ve also had the “I should start a blog” (or its twin the “Should I start a blog”?) conversation a few times lately.   I typically encourage all those folks to give it a try, but also try to find out why they want to do it, and try to give them a realistic idea of what to expect.

There is a one in a zillion chance starting a blog in 2021 is going to earn you a huge payday or book deal.  Sorry, but it’s the truth.  The market is just too saturated.   And the trust factor is lower than ever, because consumers have gotten much better at spotting content sometime is getting paid for (or is trying to get paid for}.  No one believes a travel writer who has the perfect hotel room and amazing food every place they go.  No one wants to read a 500 word story about that great new gadget when they are just looking for a recipe.   And who clicks on random ads anymore?  Hopefully not you!

On the other hand, if you just love writing and need a creative outlet a blog can be great.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- my blog is half therapy/ me just sorting shit out in my own head.  I’ve probably written twice as much I’ve never published vs. what I have- and I’ve been doing this on and off since 2009.   I’ve tried other writing options- even paid programs- but this is the one I’ve stuck with over the years.  It’s been good to me.

So, as it the case with so many things, if you’re doing it for love your rewards will be infinitely greater than if you’re just going it for the money.   And that’s the best advice I can give.

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