No Comments on Freedom?

Since the pandemic started there have been all kinds of calls for “freedom”.  Freedom to not wear a mask.  Freedom to not get vaccinated.  Freedom to thumb your nose at any and all public safety measures that cause even the tiniest bit of inconvenience.  Some of them went so far as to bust out the “My Body, My Choice” line.  Quite frankly, it was painful and embarrassing to watch.

And now these same people who thought body autonomy meant “fuck everyone else, I do what I want” just a short time ago are singing a different tune.  In many states anti LGBTQ legislation is making headlines.  In Florida they appear to want to operate under “If we pretend the LGBTQ community doesn’t exist maybe it will just go away” premise.  Disgusting.  And Texas is even worse- they want to prosecute parents who want to help their transgender children live safely and comfortable.

What the actual fuck people?  If you have the right to transmit a deadly virus to your grandmother a kindergarten teacher in Florida sure as hell has the right to talk about his husband.  If you have the right to host a super spreader event a transgender girl in Texas most assuredly has the right to exist in whatever form makes sense for her.

It used to be said that conservatives wanted limited government.  Apparently that only applies when it’s convenient for them?  If they are truly in favor of personal freedom why does that freedom seem to exclude the “bathing suit parts” of the body?   Why don’t they see the obvious hypocrisy and utter lack of logic there?

I don’t have the answer.  But if you do I’d love to hear it.

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