Get Married Already!

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We’ve all seen a few- or maybe a lot of you are very popular- announcements that couples are pushing back/ rescheduling their weddings due to COVID 19.  Of course we all need to social distance right now, and that’s hard to do in a church or large reception hall.

I’m here to suggest something you might think is crazy if you’d an engaged couple.  Go get married now.  Go get your licence and have someone marry you two.  No, it won’t be in front of everyone you know and love.  But that is OK.  In fact, it might even be better.

I’m not just guessing at this.  I’ve gotten married twice.  The first time I had a big church wedding and everything that goes with it. It was a nice wedding, everyone liked the food and the weather cooperated (this was in July).  BUT,  I vividly recall walking out of the church after the ceremony in shock that it was all over that fast.  Everything I’d been been spending most of my time one for a year was just…….. over.

The second time I got married was in a county courthouse on a Wednesday afternoon.  Only my parents and 2 coworkers/ witnesses were there.  It wasn’t stressful at all.  In fact, I only left work about 45 minutes before!  I wasn’t worried about catering, or transportation, or even what my hair looked like (full disclosure- it was VERY windy that day, so even if I had been concerned it wouldn’t have mattered).  There was nothing to distract me from being in the moment and from really and truly feeling the promises I was making to Pat and he was making to me.

So sure, if you want to have a big party go ahead and schedule that for sometime down the road.  But don’t put off getting married.   You can have the officiant of your choice perform a ceremony. You can wear the dress.  You can record it to share later, or even stream it live.  Your grandmother will understand and probably be a lot less disappointed than you think she will be.

Getting married is supposed to be about committing your life to your partner.  It’s not about feeding everyone you know.  It’s not about the flowers.  It’s not about the dresses.  It’s about two people committing their lives to each other, no matter what the world throws at them.  Let’s face it- 2020 has thrown quite a lot at us already and it’s only July!  We need all the support we can get these days.   So please go get married.  We can celebrate you later, celebrate your partner now.  There’s no reason to wait on our account.

2 thoughts on “Get Married Already!

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    Good post… To your point, you can have the reception with everyone there later on next year sometime if needed…


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