Get the (#&^@ Vaccine Already!

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Seriously people.  Just do it.

Unless you are under the age of 18, or been advised by an actual board certified medical doctor that you shouldn’t get the vaccine, there is NO EXCUSE to not be vaccinated against COVID by now.  None.  Zero. Nadda.

No, I’m not interested in reading some article you found online about 5G or mind control.  No, I’m not interested in reading some crap you found on a mommy blogger site about the non-existent data Big Pharma is hiding from us regarding vaccine safety.  No, I’m not interested in reading your idiotic conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, or anyone else.   No, I’m not interested in hearing about your one friend of a friend who “works in healthcare” who claims to have access to super secret numbers about how many people REALLY have died of COVID.   I’m not interested in any cockamamie half baked excuse you have.  Period.

The only thing I’m interested in you saying is that you finally realized that YOU are the reason COVID numbers are increasing across the country and you’ve decided to step up the plate and do the right thing.

I have read about famous  and non-famous people who have cut non-vaccinated people out of their lives.  I am not planning on doing that.  But do know that I think a little less of you now.

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