Getting Knotty

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I’ve attempted several times before to explain why I put myself through the sometimes stressful and sometimes frustrating process of having a regularly updated blog. I will probably never be able to fully express it to myself, let alone anyone else.  The short answer is that it’s half therapy, half creative release and half just plain fun (some days).

One unexpected thing that I’ve come to really enjoy about my blog is hearing how other folks interpret the name Knotty Things.  My initial reason behind the name comes from tying the knot – aka getting married.  I still do write about relationships some, but it used to be a stronger focus for me.  I’ve kept the name because I think it’s a fun play on the word “naughty”.  I have yet to find anyone else who thought of that, but several folks did find it mildly clever when I told them.

What do other people thing it means?  I’ve heard “you like to knit”.   I’ve heard “you write about things that are all knotted/ messed up”.  I’ve heard “cats like balls of yarn and you like cats”.  I’ve heard other cat references.  LOTS of other cat references- I guess it’s my logo?  I’ve heard a few others that I can’t recall right this minute- some REALLY out in left field.   I love reading/ hearing all of the ideas- it makes me happy that I finally settled on a title (Knotty Things is the 4th title I’ve had over the years) that IS open to interpretation and that DOES make people think.

So, what did you think Knotty Things meant the first time you read it?  Or did you not even really bother/ care about the title at all?  I’m really curious to hear your thoughts!

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