Have Trust, Will Travel

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I mentioned a while back that I am taking a solo vacation next month here:   http://beckypalmer.thecomputerguy.bz/2017/03/plan-a-solo-vacation-day/     My husband isn’t a big fan of Duluth MN, whereas I adore it, so I’m going there alone.

To put it mildly, folks are freaking out over this.  I’ve left coworkers speechless by simply mentioning it.  My mother has expressed concern that I will be mugged, raped, murdered, or worse.  My husband has been asked how he can trust me to do be away for 5 days.

What.  The.  F***.

Seriously.  WTF.

First, it’s really hard not to be insulted by anyone questioning my fidelity.  I’ve been happily married 11 years.    My husband and I have an amazing relationship based on mutual respect, love, and yes, trust.  Perhaps because we married a bit later in life (I was 34, he was 41) we’ve never been that couple joined at the hip.  We are both perfectly comfortable with spending time and travelling alone, be it for business or pleasure, and we are perfectly comfortable with our spouse travelling alone as well.  Quite frankly, I question the health of any marriage where this is not the case.

Second, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this.  I’ve actually gone on vacation by myself twice before and I went to Duluth both of those times too (I told you I love Duluth!).  Neither time was I a victim of a crime, nor did I go on a debaucherous run through the city.  So there is no reason for anyone to believe this time will be any different.

I am 100% happy with my vacation plans an my husband is too. If our confidence in my impulse control or my comfort level spending time alone bothers you, I suggest you do some self-examination.  I’m comfortable just the way I am.

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