Home Sweet What?

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Mother Theresa once said “Love begin by taking care of the closest ones- the ones at home”.     We all know sayings like “Home is where the heart is” and “There’s no place like home”.   I think we can all agree that the reason we work so hard every day is to provide a safe, comfortable. loving home for our nearest and dearest.

Sentiments like this are why I find it so hard to understand why so many people have frequent arguments with their partners about that one thing at home Dad told you never to touch- the thermostat.  I know WAY too many adults who have little to no control over the comfort level in their own homes because they are living with thermostat tyrants- indiviuals who have rigid set of rules for how the when the heat and / or AC will be run and no discussion is allowed.  This is, simply put, awful.  How dare you treat the people you claim to love the most like lesser thans?

There are 2 main kinds of thermostat tyrants that I see/ hear about / read about- the temperature tyrants and the calendar tyrants.  Neither of them are good, but I think the calendar tyrants are the worst.  An 80 degree day with 60% humidity feels MUCH different from an 80 degree day with 95% humidity and treating them both the same is short-sighted and silly.  But since the temp tyrant says it has to be 85 before we start the AC everyone has to suffer with feeling stuffy.  You’ll be uncomfortable for no good reason, but probably will not suffer any ill effects long-term (other than long-lasting resentment towards the tyrant).  But. if you are living with a calendar tyrant- the kind of person who will refuse to turn on the furnace because it’s not The Day We Turn the  Furnace On is yet, that person could be putting your health, and the health of your entire family, at risk because an early October snow storm doesn’t fit into their entirely artificial schedule.

Now I want to be perfectly clear-  if your family is genuinely struggling to make ends meet due to unemployment, medical emergencies, or some other crisis, sometimes hard choices need to be made.  If you are in one of those circumstances I encourage you to seek help from government or non-profit agencies to help get you back on your feet again.

But if that’s not you, then I beg all temp tyrants to rethink their positions.  Today’s homes are, for the most part, very well insulated and turning the temp up or down a couple of degrees will almost certainly not cost anywhere near what you fear it will.  Add to that programmable thermostats, energy-saving and cost estimating programs your electric company probably offers, and the costs go down even more.   And really, at the end of the day, what is more precious to you than your family?  What is a better use of your hard-earned cash than a safe, comfortable, loving home for those you love the most?   I for one can’t think of anything worth more than that.

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