I Need Your Help!

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I usually have anywhere from 2 to 5 blog posts in various stages of undoneness just hanging out in my account.  Sometimes I get several good ideas all at once.  Sometimes I get stuck.  Sometimes I can’t decide if it’s worth finishing.  These half posts come in very handy on weeks when my mind just goes blank.

But I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve just been finishing those up the last couple weeks and now the bucket is dry.  I’ve spent longer than I care to admit staring at the dreaded blinking cursor.

So, as we all do when faced with a dilemma in 2017, I visited my good friend Mr. Google.  I must have read 20 different lists of blog post ideas. I then visited Mr. Google’s friend Ms. Pinterest.  I pinned a bunch of things on my “writing” board.  But still no actual writing was taking place.

So I am putting the question out to my favorite people, the people who read and follow my blog!

What topics do you like to read about?

What topics have I written about that you’d like to know more about?

If you have a blog, how do you find new topics to write about when the bloggers block hits you like a ton of bricks?

Thank you in advance!



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