Ideas/ Help Needed!

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While it seems in some ways like 2020 will never end, we are just over a week away from Thanksgiving- traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping season.  I usually don’t have a ton of gifts purchased by this time, but I’ve picked up a few things.

This year I don’t have a single thing bought.  Even more worrisome, I don’t have any ideas what I want to get anyone.   I think about doing some (online) shopping but I don’t even know what website to go to.  I’ve got nothing.

Sure, there are all kinds of “gift guides” out there, but they typically don’t speak to the kinds of folks I’m buying gifts for.  My dad doesn’t golf or drink beer.  My mother has plenty of picture frames, candles, and jewelry.  My husband isn’t big into sports and already has all the techy gadgets he wants/ needs.

So, I’m hoping that someone out there has some brilliant ideas they are willing to share.  Maybe you know of a great hidden gem of a site/ store I should know about.  Maybe you know someone who makes great gifts of (insert item here).   No idea is too big or too small- I’m all ears to everyone!


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