I’m in a Mood

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It’s time for another rapid fire round, so slap on a helmet and come along for the ride.  I’m in a mood, so I expect I’ll offend/ irritate/ anger most everyone reading this by the time I get to the end.

Someone needs to explain to me in small words why President Obama wanting to pull out of Afghanistan was showing weakness and therefore bad but now him wanting to bomb Syria and showing military strength is pompous and therefore also bad.  I get a headache trying to figure that one out.  

Why is it that in every other crime the first thing we do to felons is take away their kids but in the case of illegal immigrants we do everything we can to keep families together?  That is very backwards to me, but since this seems to be the way the majority wants it I have a solution.  We fast track visas for the other parent, the kids, heck- even Grandma!, and they can all travel together when one of them gets deported.
I will admit there is one problem with this- if you knowingly harbor a felon that is also a felony.  I don’t know how comfortable I am with people with so little regard for the law raising children.  But, no one has presented any other ideas I like any better as of yet.

And before I go any further, no, I am NOT racist because I think we should deport every single person who is in the United States illegally.  I don’t care if you are from Costa Rica, Canada or Alpha Centauri and/or look like a Swedish supermodel- if you are in this country illegally we should deport you post haste and then send you a bill for our expense.   And on the flip side, I don’t care if you are from Pakistan, Panama or the Pegasus system and/or look like Bin Laden’s twin brother- if you are here legally with honorable intentions I’m glad you are here. 

Moving right along….  Most people have never struggled with a serious mental illness or lived with someone who has.  I have personally done both.  So, as a spokesperson for this group I can assure you that having the freedom to have our very own AK-47 collection is NOT in the best interest of the American people and quite frankly is a public safety hazard.  Do people without any previous history of mental illness use guns improperly?  Of course.  But almost without fail the gunman involved in a mass shooting- such as the Colorado movie theater- was being treated for mental illness at the time of the incident.  This is not a coincidence.

If you don’t feel comfortable with same sex marriage then don’t get same sex married.  Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom only for people who have the exact same religion as you.  I live in Iowa where same sex marriage has been legal since 2009 and I can assure you it hasn’t affected my hetero marriage in any way, shape or form.

I really am a nice person.  I don’t normally just spout off like this.  But sometimes I just gotta, ya know?

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