It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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Tomorrow night my favorite season officially begins- FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!


(What? You were thinking of something else?)


Yes, it’s the magical time of year when everything is possible and even the Detroit Lions are still in the playoff hunt! I love it! For the next 4 months on any given Sunday you can find me on my couch yelling impolite things at the men on my TV screen. Sometimes it’s the players, sometimes the refs- I am an equal opportunity kind of girl! I have already spent countless hours reading football blogs and listening to the NFL channel on my Sirius radio in preparation. I am a huge Miami Dolphins fan but they are rarely on TV here in the Midwest (also a frustration of mine) so I will watch whoever is on. I do follow the Minnesota Vikings but I will be rooting for them to lose until such time as Brett Favre is no longer a member of their organization.


And as if devoting my weekends to the TV isn’t bad enough- I also have….. Fantasy Football! Yes, I have been bitten by that bug too. While I am cursing at the bad call I just saw on the Chiefs game I will be scouring the Internet on my laptop to find out how the running game is going for the Browns that afternoon or how many points Cincinnati scored that day. And that’s just on Sundays- the rest of the week there is time spent researching trades and of course next week’s competition. And I love every minute of it!




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