Just Do Something

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Lately there have been quite a few people in my extended family who have been struck with life threatening medical emergencies.  One was in a terrible car accident.  One fell off a ladder.  Another has a 5 month old daughter with cancer.

I have other people in my sphere dealing with horrible family problems.  Whether the underlying issues are money, jealousy, addiction, or something else, there are no easy answers to be found and a lot of hurt that will continue to sting for years, if not decades, to come.

If you are experiencing a big, serious problem in your life please know there are lots of folks out there who want to help you.  Whether you need help with household chores, transportation or if you just need a hug and a caring ear to listen, there are people who want to help.

And if you – like myself- are fortunate enough to not be dealing with these types of problems I’m sure you- just like myself- know someone who is. It can be really hard to know what to do to help.  The best answer is ANYTHING.

I have read that asking “How can I help?” can be too overwhelming for some, and a better approach might be to say “Can I bring you a meal/ come sit with you/ get you to that appointment/ etc.”?    But, really,  how you say it doesn’t matter.  What does is that you reach out.  Let that person who’s going through a difficult time in their life know you care.  If you aren’t able to physically help send a card/ note of support.   If applicable, send a gas card or some other financial help.  Just do something.

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