More Questions Without Answers

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Remember when social media was fun?  When people only shared jokes and silly memes and family photos and no one talked about politics or world issues?   Remember when you just wanted to collect “friends” and didn’t care how well you actually knew them or if you knew anything about them?

Then again, what other reason IS there for social media if not to share our thoughts?  And what is wrong with sharing your values and beliefs if done in a non-accusatory, straightforward manner?  Answer- nothing.  It’s likely most of us would have never heard of George Floyd if not for social media.

Is my white privilege showing because sometimes I just think about kittens and music and past vacations and NOT about all the racial hate out there?  Am I just avoiding facing reality by wanting to spend time playing a stupid mobile game instead of working to help victims of violence or pandemics?  Is it wrong to even consider writing about lighter topics right now?

Where is the line between self care and being selfish?  I’d like to think that the very fact I’m questioning it means I’m a ways from it yet.  But am I just fooling myself? Or am I just paranoid?

Does anyone have answers in 2020?  Or are we all just struggling with our own set of questions?

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