Namastop? Hope not!

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Over the years I’ve started so many exercise regimens that I’ve lost count.  Some lasted weeks, sometimes I would stay with it for a few months, but nothing stuck.  Alas, I am living proof that doing something for 90 days is NOT long enough to make it a permanent change in your life.

I’ve joined gyms thinking that if I was paying for the membership I would use it.  I might as well have withdrawn $40 a month from my bank account and lit it on fire. I got a Wii for the sole reason of using it to finally get in shape.  Now I use that to play board games with my nephew.  

I am smart enough to know that I should exercise frequently.   But, simply put, I hate it.  I am uncoordinated.  I don’t like being sweaty and stinky and I don’t like to be around other humans when I am sweaty and stinky.   I have never felt that “runners high” or whatever happiness you’re supposed to feel after a good workout. The only happiness I feel is relief that I’m stopping whatever awful thing I was doing.  

Why I am bringing this up now?  Well, a couple weeks ago I got a wild hair to try getting some activity in my life again.  I went to Amazon and purchased a DVD called “Yoga for Beginners”.  

Granted, it’s only been a couple weeks, but so far I don’t hate it.  I’m not sweating much and nothing is jiggling uncomfortably or chafing.  The woman narrating has a lovely soothing voice.  She frequently reminds me to breathe- which can be difficult when you are knotted up like a pretzel- and tells me that that it’s OK that I can’t achieve the same level of pretzel that she’s demonstrating. 

So, here’s to years of Namaste!
Wish me luck!

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