New Year, New Hope

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I can’t tell you the last time I stayed up until midnight on New Years Eve.  Sometimes I’ll watch the ball drop in New York City, which is at 11pm my time, but sometimes I don’t even make it that far into the night.

This year I might actually try to stay up. Not because I have anything big planned- I’m sure I’ll be in jammies by 8pm.  I just want to see 2020 go away.

Now I know that there is nothing magical about January 1st.  COVID will still be with us.  We will still have 20 days of Hurricane Trump to survive.  There will still be bills to pay and chores to do.  It’s just another day.  But it really feels like things are starting to turn a corner, doesn’t it??

Who knows if I’ll actually make it to midnight.  I do have to work all day on New Years Eve.  My wake/ sleep schedule got very out of whack over Christmas, and it takes me a while to recover from that.  I might just feel like crawling into bed at 11pm – or even sooner!  But no matter when I greet 2021 it will be with a feeling of hope that New Year’s hasn’t brought me in a very long time.

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