No Selfie Day

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Today is a very easy holiday to observe- it’s No Selfie Day.

You might wonder why this is a thing.  But especially for young women, taking and posting selfies can be a very stressful thing.  Getting that perfect lighting, using the right filter, wondering how about many “likes” you are going to get- it can be very damaging for anyone’s self esteem.  Younger folks are also less likely to fully grasp how fake the posts by their favorite celebrities really are.  With a full crew for hair and makeup, a professional photographer, and of course Photoshop there’s no way we Average Janes can ever look that good.

So let’s all stop and think about what we are posting and what messages we are sending.  And, at least for today, post someone or something other than your own face.  You might be surprised how liberating that can be.

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