NO, you’re not

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I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook lately stating Christians in America are being discriminated against.  One post that’s been very popular lately goes like this:

You wouldn’t demand a Jewish deli owner serve ham and cheese. You wouldn’t demand a Muslim caterer serve pork tenderloins.  So why can you demand a Christian restaurants cater to same sex couples?

This doesn’t hold up an any level.

First,  it’s the actual act of touching and working with pork that goes against the beliefs of Jews and Muslims.  There is no part of baking a cake or making a pizza that goes against Christian beliefs.  No one is asking you to have sex with someone of your own gender.  Stop comparing apples to socks.

Second, It’s none of your business what the religious beliefs of a business owner are and it’s none of their business what yours are.   We live in a country where we aren’t supposed to make business decisions based on religion.  You can believe whatever you want.  And so can everyone else.

Third, turning down business because you don’t like someone is dumb.  Almost no one who comes to your restaurant / bakery/ etc. is looking for a new BFF.  They just want to purchase your food.  They want to give you their money.  Which, I assume, is why you are in business in the first place.

If you genuinely want to know what discrimination feels like, ask a gay person.  They have most likely had a lot of actual experience in that area.



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