Onion Ring Day

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Yes, that’s right- today is Onion Ring day!

It’s another celebration without much details on how it was started, and in fact the origins of the onion ring itself are lost to time.  The first time they appeared in print was in a cookbook published in 1802 called “The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined”.  It makes me giggle that, at any point, onion rings and “refined” were in the same sentence, but it was a different time I suppose.

Here in the present there are many options for obtaining these yummy circles, but this time of year I recommend a fair.  Most county fairs have a booth were 4H kids, the local fire department, or some other group is serving these tasty treats up hot and fresh, allowing you to be charitable while enjoying the sweet sweet pleasure of a deep fried vegetable.   What could be better than that?

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