Peace on Earth?

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What do you want for Christmas (if you celebrate)?

Some people answer that question with a specific item or items. Some people answer they want their family together, happy and healthy.  Some people even bust out the old beauty queen cliche of world peace.

Lately that lofty goal of world peace seems further away than ever- we can’t even have peace with the people we love the most!  Most of us have family members and with different political views than we have, and that seems to be a much bigger source of arguments than it used to be.  Others have families torn apart by arguments over money or some other long-standing issue.  Some of us have family members unwilling to accept an LGBT member.  Others have seen members lost to drugs or gangs.  It seems like no one has peace.

So how do we get peace?  With love.  By seeing others as whole people, not just by that one thing about them we don’t like.   By seeing that Trump supporter as someone who donated countless hours to that food pantry or United Way drive.  By seeing your gay cousin as your cousin who you’ve loved since your were little kids playing hide and seek together at Grandma’s house.

No, I’m not giving anyone a free pass- sometimes you do need to remove people from your life even if they ARE family.

But I encourage everyone to remember what Christmas was like when you were a kid.  Hopefully, you remember magical nights/ mornings full of smiles.  Full of being with the people who loved you the most.  Full of peace.  That is my Christmas wish for everyone this year.

Happy Holidays!

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