Pet Day

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Today is Pet Day!

As you know from my posts (if not my logo), I love cats.  I currently share my home with 3 black beauties- Hershey, Pumpkin (yes, she’s black) and Boots.  All three of these fur kids came into my life in different ways- Hershey was my husband’s cat before he and I got married, Pumpkin came from a local shelter, and Boots came from a family friend.  Speaking of -Boots – who is featured in the photo accompanying this post- is sitting on my left arm right now “helping” me type!

Whether you are a cat person, dog person, goat, ferret, chinchilla, etc.  you agree with me wholeheartedly that having a pet is a wonderful thing.  There are studies that show that people who have pets have lower blood pressure and are generally happier!

So, if you have a pet (or two or twelve) give them a special treat or a special cuddle today.  If you don’t have a pet, consider getting one.  You won’t regret it!

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