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I consider myself a modern woman.  I’ve worked full-time since I was 22 years old.  I have a Bachelor’s degree (in Biology).  I have travelled alone and will continue to do so from time to time.  I am childless by choice.  My husband is my partner and I am his- we are equals in our relationship.  I have money and possessions (including my car) in my own name.  I am a strong supporter of marriage equality and equal rights and protection for gay and transgender people.  I support equal pay for equal work, and I support men and women who desire to do so working in areas/ fields previously deemed “unsuitable” for them, including military combat for women.

But there are a few things I’m apparently downright old-fashioned about.  To me they fall under the categories of common sense, respect for others, and self-respect.  However, not everyone seems to see it that way.

I don’t want to see your boxers or your thong or your bra straps.  Ever.  That’s why they are called UNDERwear.  And don’t even get me started on the atrocity that is the clear bra strap.  It’s not empowering, it’s trashy.

I don’t want to see you breastfeed in public without a blanket.  Yes, I’m well aware that breastfeeding is perfectly natural, but (probably) so was conceiving and giving birth to that baby and I don’t want to watch you do either of those either.  Breasts are sexual.  Always have been, always will be.  Ask any man (straight or gay) if you don’t believe me.

There are 2 genders, not 43.  I will give a pass to those born intersex (formerly known as hermaphrodites), but the vast majority of us have either male parts or female parts in our nether regions.  It’s basic anatomy.  Sexual orientation is pretty straightforward as well.   You either like folks with the same equipment as yourself, you like folks with the opposite equipment, or you like them both.  There’s no need to make this so complicated!

Giving your child a screwed up name does not make him or her any more special.  My niece is named Ava.  We are all perfectly clear on who she is.  No one is confusing her with Richie Sambora’s or Reese Witherspoon’s daughters named Ava.

Weddings are getting out of control. Unless you are marrying into a royal family your wedding should not cost more than my house nor your engagement ring more than my car.  Destination weddings are pretty selfish unless you have the resources to pay everyone’s way or have a private ceremony with only your partner there and celebrate back home with your family at a later time.

Promposals shouldn’t exist.  Good Lord.  As if being a teenaged boy wasn’t awkward enough already.

What tiny little thing in today’s world drives you nuts?  Let’s all vent today!



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  1. Robin Russell

    Fantastic post, Becky! I hate how protective I feel I have to be with my kiddos. I wish I was able to allow them freedom to let them roam the neighborhoods as I did when I was their age.


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