Pumpkin Love

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Nine years ago Thanksgiving wasn’t super happy for me.  I’d lost my 12 year old cat to an autoimmune disease only a few months after losing my OTHER 12 year old cat to kidney failure due to diabetes.  Plus, every year on Thanksgiving I think about my paternal grandfather who passed suddenly of a massive heart attack the day before Thanksgiving in 1990.  Even the joy of being a newlywed and seeing my sweet nephew wasn’t enough to lift me out of my funk.

Two days later my husband and I went for a drive and wound up at the animal shelter.  I didn’t think I could even go inside, but my dear husband talked me into it.  We spent 20 minutes or so there.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted all the cats or none of them and just wanted to leave and/ or cry.  Then it happened.  A little black kitten with a white spots on her chest and tummy climbed to the top of the cat tree, leaped into my husband’s arms, batted her big orange eyes and us and started to purr.  A bit of paperwork later we were headed home with our new kitten “Violet” in tow.

Nine years later Pumpkin is purring in my lap as I type.  She’s my baby girl, my back up alarm clock, and my cuddle bug.  She makes me happy every day.

If you have a pet, so hug him or her right now.  If you don’t have a pet, head out to your nearest shelter today and meet your new best friend.  I promise you won’t regret it.

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