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I’ll give you a second to get Aretha Franklin out of our head.

By the time this post goes live I will be at my local middle school getting ready for my local caucus (if you are also in Iowa I hope you are reading this either before heading out or after returning from the caucus- it’s important!!!).

The caucuses lead me to my point today- that of respect.  If you noticed the photo attached to this post it is of what looks like two identical boxes.  They are the same size and the same shape.  They both contain information for caucus night.  One is mine and one is my husband’s.  Why do we have two?  Because mine is from the Mayor Pete campaign and my husband’s is from the Bernie Sanders campaign.  Note-  If you need a reminder why I’m #teamPete you can see that post here http://beckypalmer.thecomputerguy.bz/teampete/

A lot of people find it hard to fathom that we are supporting two different candidates.  Most of these people don’t know us very well, but even a few who do seem unusually troubled by this.  Yet to my husband and me it’s no big deal.  In fact, he is the one who encouraged me to check out Mayor Pete because he thought I would really like him.

Simply put, my husband respects my brain and my ability to make my own decisions.  He respects my need to sometimes turn the thermostat up or down.  He respects my time spent on hobbies and interests that don’t appeal to him.  He respects my opinions and viewpoints that don’t match his.  He respects my autonomy over my own body.  And of course I respect him in all the same ways as well.

This seems like it should be the most common of common sense, yet I hear all the time “My husband won’t let me do that” or “My wife says I can’t do that”.  Of course, if you want to do something immoral or illegal that’s one thing, but I’m talking about little things like going to a concert or other event alone or spending money you earned yourself on a small luxury that you can very easily afford.

And it’s not just in marriages where respect seems to be a lost art (although that’s certainly one place it should exist!).  Coworkers, friends, even family members talk trash about each other, insult each other’s opinions, and are just generally not all that great at showing respect.  I personally think it’s gotten worse since Trump has been in the White House.  You can disagree with me about that, but I think we can all agree respecting each other is something we ALL can and should do better at.

It’s still early in the year.  I propose we all resolve to do better at respecting each other for the rest of 2020.  Are you in?


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