Rapid Fire Segment

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Once again it’s time for our favorite game- Multi Mini Blog Fest!

First up, I don’t understand Occupy Wall Street at all. Are the protesters suggesting we all grow our own food, make our own clothes and live off the land? I welcome serious, civil explanations only.
Weddings are getting out of hand. Couples are taking out HUGE loans to have the wedding of their dreams. If you did that, you are totally missing the point and probably shouldn’t be getting married in the first place. Marriage is making a lifelong commitment to another human being. Marriage is not a wedding. It is not about out-doing your friend who got married last year, playing dress up with pretty white outfits, or thinking the world will come to an end if your flowers aren’t JUST the exact color you ordered.
Children are out of control. Well, some children anyway. Letting your offspring run wild in public isn’t cute, it’s rude. Some of us are trying to eat/ shop/ get a good nights sleep away from home and REALLY don’t find your precious darlings shrieks and screams the least bit amusing, nor do we want them in our way when we are trying to get to the buffet, bathroom or anywhere else.
And on a happier note-
Everyone should have a pet. Multiple studies have shown that people with pets live longer and are happier than people who don’t. I have a purring cat on my lap right now and it’s just about heaven.
Sorry for the lack of cohesion but sometimes my brain is going 100 directions at once so this is what you get 🙂

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