Right Hypocrisy

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Much has been made over the recent awarding of the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh.  I’m not going to comment on whether he did or did not deserve the award, if for no other reason than I am not sure what the requirements actually are.

What I am going to speak to is that Rush Limbaugh is a fantastic symbol of the hypocrisy and misplaced sense of moral authority- aka “family values”  that the far right embodies.

In Rush- an icon of the right-  we see a man who has been married four times.  A man who has called women every awful name in the book.  A man who has claimed rape isn’t a real thing (in 2014 he said “Every guy knows no means yes if you know where to look”).  A man who argued for harsher sentences for drug users until he got caught abusing prescription drugs himself.  A man who denies that climate change is real.  A man who denied that tobacco products really caused cancer, but now is dealing with advanced lung cancer.  In short, either one of the biggest hypocrites alive today, or an absolute moron.  Either way, hardly someone to look up to.

If he is your hero I don’t understand you, no matter what your political views.  If, like him,  you argue for overturning Roe vs. Wade but at the same time have no issues with cutting funding for food stamps, early childhood education, and school lunches I can only shake my head at that logic.  If you have no issues with Guiliani, Trump, Limbaugh, etc.  having all the wives they want but think it’s scandalous that Mayor Pete is married to a man, I don’t know where you are coming from.  If you want religious freedom for white Christians but don’t think anyone else deserves it you need to re-read both the Bible and the Constitution.

It’s not hard to be a good human and a good citizen.  That is, unless you think Rush is a good example of how to do it.

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