The Evolution and Gratefulness of a Blogger

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Just over 2 years ago I rebranded my blog for the third time and also made the leap to WordPress.   It was scary and more than a little painful, but I did it, thanks to the help and support of my dear husband as well as the encouragement of my (then) brand new North Iowa Blogger friends.  It turns out that those changes kicked off way bigger changes than I had expected.

Since the branding I’ve come to take blogging more seriously.  I try to post consistently on Mondays and Fridays and sometimes one other day too.  I’ve set up a Facebook page for my blog (which if you are not already of fan of please sign up here)     I’ve attended several seminars and conventions devoted to blogging.  I have several add-ons to my site – including a spam blocker- to improve the functionality.   Yes, these things cost money but I find them money well spent.

I’ve become more thoughtful in my writing and as a result of that my writing has matured.  I’ve found the courage to take on topics that I would have shied away from before including politics, LGBT rights, and religion.  I finally understand what blogger educators refer to as “finding your voice” and I found mine.  Yes, I jump from topic to topic.  Yes, I sometimes try to be funny and fail miserably.  Yes, sometimes I change my mind.  But that’s me.  Authentic, unfiltered, me.

I’ve been asked “What’s Knotty Things mean?” frequently.  I’ve written about that before here,  but in a nutshell it’s whatever is rattling around in my head that I need to sort out.  Much like me, that varies from day to day.

There will always be things on my mind, and I will always use facts, felines and fun to try to sort them out.   Thank you to the North Iowa Bloggers for their support and advice.  (Check them out here) . Thank you to my husband for his support, advise and general awesomeness.  (Check him out here  and here  and here ).    And most of all, thank you to YOU, the person reading this!  This has been an amazing journey so far for me, and I hope for you as well.



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