The promise of the PANK

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More and more lately it’s tempting to just stay off the internet entirely.  Facebook posts turn into political arguments.  If your email inbox isn’t full of spam or bill reminders it’s its full of urban legends still being circulated by older family members years after being debunked.  The internet was supposed to be this amazing place for learning and connecting, not hate, naked people, and cat memes, yet that’s what it’s become.  Makes you almost wish Al Gore had never invented it!  (I kid people, no nasty comments please!)

Thankfully, all days are not like that!

Over the weekend I discovered a website I was previously unaware of and I’m in love.  It’s called Savvy Auntie and it’s amazing.  You can check it out here:    It’s an entire website for “cool aunties” like myself who, for any number of reasons, do not have our own kids but have nieces and/ or nephews we love to pieces (you’ll notice my photo for this post is of said niece and nephew).  We even have a cool acronym PANK- Professional Aunt, No Kids, which I guess this makes my husband a PUNK- ha ha!  I spent longer than I care to admit on said website and loved every second of it.  I’ve often talked about how frustrating it can be at times to be childless by choice in a society that’s so child-centric, most recently in my post titled “I’m Special Too”  so I was thrilled to make this discovery.

And I was even more thrilled to rediscover what the internet really can be- a place to gather with like-minded people to share thoughts and ideas, to share a laugh, and to support each other.  And yes, sometimes to share cat memes!

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