The Surprising Case for Joe Biden

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In spite of the amount of time I’ve spent writing about it, I really hate politics.  But once again I feel compelled to make a statement about it.   And that statement is this- we need to elect Joe Biden in November.

When I turned on my laptop I had planned to compose a very long essay that included names of all the prominent Republicans who have endorsed Biden, as well as a lengthy comparison of him to Trump.  But I realized that anyone who owns a TV or a smart phone already knows that stuff.  So what else can I say?

I had also planned to include another caveat of sorts explaining that I’m not a Democrat and how I hate political parties and how I’m not just saying to vote for Biden because of his party affiliation, but I’ve made my feelings on that VERY clear over the years, so no need to beat that dead horse.    So what CAN I say that I haven’t said 100 times already?

I can say, with 100% certainty, that Joe Biden is a good person.  He understands the value of working together with everyone and listening to everyone and he has the track record to prove it.  He understands loss at a more personal level than most of us will ever have to deal with and it made him stronger, not bitter.  He is a practicing Catholic, but never tries to push his beliefs on anyone else.  This country is in dire need of niceness and goodness and common decency right now.  And Joe Biden has those in spades.

This November, vote for the nice guy.  Vote for Joe Biden.


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