The Ties That Bind

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Much is being made of last weekend’s royal wedding of Prince Harry and the newly anointed Duchess of Sussex aka Meghan Markle.  And while no, I did not get up at 4am to watch it live I have watched most of it and also read countless articles about the event.  And, for the record, I think Meghan’s dress, hair and makeup were perfect for HER, just as Kate’s were perfect for HER a few years back.  Very different women, very different looks, both amazing.

Some folks will criticize people like myself who are / were interested in this event.   Millions of memes are floating around social media mocking us.  And, as long as they are just silly and not mean-spirited I can laugh at them too.  After all, it’s not like this ceremony or these people have any direct impact on my life here in rural Iowa.  Pretty people get married all over the world every day, right?

While I can’t speak for anyone else, I know that my personal interests in Princes William and Harry are a direct result of my late grandmother’s interest in and adoration of the late Princess Diana.  I have many a fond memory of looking at magazines and books about her with my Granny.  Her favorite was pouring over photos of her “storybook wedding” to Prince Charles.  What little girl in the 80’s didn’t want to be Diana in that oversized white dress?   Marrying a prince?  It was a Disney movie come to life!  And while in the decades since we’ve come to find out that life for Diana was far from a happy Disney movie, not just my grandmother but the entire planet loved her.  Loved her grace.   Loved her genuine concern for others and how she used her position of power to shed light on causes near and dear to her heart.  Loved her hands-on parenting which was in sharp contrast to anything the royals were used to.

Which leads me back to her sons- Princes William and Harry.  Who can forget the images of those boys on the days after Diana passed away?  Trying so hard to be regal and, well, British when their worlds had been shattered.  How happy now, then, so see those boys all grown up and starting families of their own.  It’s been said that Diana would have loved Kate and Meghan and I like to think she would.  I am sure she would have been thrilled to see both her boys marry for love – something she never really got to experience herself.  And one can only imagine the joy grandchildren could have brought her and she to them!

So, mock me if you will, but I will continue to read all about the royal family.  And thinking of my grandmother every time I do.

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