The Toes Have it

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I don’t know any woman who is truly happy with how they look. Most of us have days when we feel like we look pretty good and days we think we look like something that people should be charged admission to see. And no we don’t know why. It’s just a woman thing!

Today was not one of my good days. But off to work I went, even though I was not entirely unsure the dog catcher would not kidnap me on the way. I did manage to avoid capture and get to work on time. Shortly after I arrived I looked down at my feet- I really don’t know why. What I noticed truly fit in with the mood of the day. I was wearing sandals and you could see really long, dark hair on both both of my big toes! Yuck!!!! So I tried to keep on working and not think about it. But of course it’s all I could think about. Thankfully I had a razor in my car so on my morning break I sprinted to my car and removed the offending hair. I did feel slightly better after that but I continued to feel like Bigfoot’s cousin all day.

After I got home from work I decided to go for a walk on my newly shaven feet. While walking through the streets of my town I saw the following:


A woman standing in her yard chatting with the neighbors in her nightgown (at 5:30 in the afternoon)


A man riding a bike wearing mismatching flip flops and a t shirt with too many holes to count


A woman sitting on her front porch in the largest pair of bright pink stretch pants I have ever seen


I came home feeling like maybe I look OK today after all.

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