Waitstaff Day

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Today is Waitstaff Appreciation Day.

If you ever were a waiter or waitress yourself, you know what a lousy job it is.  Crazy weird hours, unreasonable customers, aching feet, the list goes on.  It’s a necessary job in today’s world but often one that’s looked down upon by folks who think they are “better than that”.

The year 2020 has been abjectly awful for folks in this line of work.  Millions of people found themselves unemployed as a result of the global pandemic, and many restaurants have gone under.  Even those with jobs to go back to have been facing many new obstacles, including new regulations they need to comply with, and alas, the general public being even less kind to them than usual.

If you know someone who works this job, check in with them.  If you are in an area where you can go out to eat, follow all the posted guidelines/ rules of that establishment- without complaining.  Be kind to your waiter.  There will be shortages of some foods.  There may be longer than usual wait times for a table or your food.  Your waitress has no control over any of that, and taking it out on her is ignorant.  Tip more than your normally do.   And say thank you.  A lot.  They will appreciate it more than you will ever know.


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