What Do You Hate?

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We all have things that are part of daily life that we hate.  Some people hate going to the grocery store.  Some people hate making small talk.  Some people hate going to the doctor or the dentist.

I hate car shopping.  I hate it with a passion.    Alas, this past week my 2008 Chevy Cobalt decided to give up the ghost, so I am in the midst of this most hated process.  I’m sure it will all work out- it always does- but it’s not anything I would wish on my worst enemy.  There is nothing about the process I find even vaguely appealing.  Many people enjoy this hellish process, how I have no idea.  I assume those people are nuts.

So, I got to wondering.  What normal part of modern life drives YOU irrationally off the deep end?   What would you rather give up a limb that do again?   Full disclosure:  I also hate going on job interviews,  ordering pizza on the phone, and the dentist.  So I’m not pretending to be normal 🙂  Let’s be abnormal together!

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