Why so serious?

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I bought myself a coloring book last week.  It’s full of beautiful drawings of cats in intricate surroundings.  My husband thought it was a gift for my niece who turns four today, but nope, it’s for me.  And I am loving it.

It’s just one example of me not taking myself too seriously.  It’s a skill that took time, but now that I have it everything else is a lot easier for me, so I highly recommend it. 
Being my father’s daughter I’m always seeing the silver lining- this is also a great skill to cultivate if your DNA didn’t give it to you.  Not only will you be happier, but studies show you will live longer and be healthier than your gloomy counterparts.
Yes, sometimes life sucks.  And yes, there are always issues and events that need to be taken seriously.  But not nearly as many as most people seem to think. 
I take my job seriously, but I still manage to have fun while I’m doing it.  I take my marriage seriously but I’m having the time of my life in it.  I take pet ownership seriously.  Cleaning up cat puke isn’t exactly a great time, but having a purring bundle of love in your lap makes it all worthwhile.  
So, when in doubt, ask yourself “What is the worst thing that could possibly happen”?   It’s refreshing and freeing on so many levels and often amusing to boot.
And if you need me I’ll be coloring.

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