World MS Day

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Normally I go for something wacky and funny for my holidays, but today is an important one so I’m choosing to share it sans jokes.  Today is World MS Day.

We all know people who lived with or are currently living with MS.  My mother in law had MS for 35 years.   She was an amazing, strong woman who did not let anything stop her – including MS.  The past and current CEO’s of my company have MS.  They are both strong smart men who have been big parts of my life and my career and I look up to both of them so much.

MS is, simply put, a bitch.  It affects everyone differently, making determining treatment difficult.  Some people have excruciating pain, some have none.  Some have years of latency where their symptoms do not progress, some people experience very rapid symptom progression.  There is no cure.

Take a moment today to visit the National MS Society website at and learn more about this condition.


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