2017 was what?

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For a lot of people for a lot of reasons 2017 wasn’t a great year.  Perhaps you lost a loved one or ended a relationship.  Maybe you were the victim of a crime.  Perhaps you were overwhelmed with politics either domestically or abroad.   Regardless of why, a lot of people were very happy to see 2017 end.  It’s perfectly OK to say “this year sucked and I am SO GLAD it’s over”.

But what’s not OK is to insist that NO ONE is allowed to say anything positive about 2017.  Several celebrities including – including Taylor Swift- have been strongly criticized for saying they had a great 2017.  That is incredibly selfish.

I know lots of people who had a great 2017!!  I know people who got married in 2017.  I know people who had babies in 2017.  I know people who got promoted, who got new jobs, who bought a house, who graduated, who accomplished all kinds of really great things.  Those are all things worth celebrating, no matter what’s going on in Washington or anywhere else.

So, if you rocked 2017 be proud and shout it from the rooftops.  Don’t let anyone steal your joy.  You deserve it and we need to celebrate with you!

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