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Something Old, Something New

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There isn’t any time of year more steeped in tradition than the holiday season.  The vast majority of families have things they do every year.  Maybe it’s a certain meal.  Maybe it’s a specific place they gather to celebrate.  Maybe it’s an event like caroling or volunteering.  These are things that people look forward to every year. My dad’s side… Read more »

National Personal Space Day

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Even before COVID, I would have been happy to celebrate this one, but it means even more now.  Today is National Personal Space Day. I did NOT grow up in a “huggy” family.  Hugs were reserved for special occasions- thinks weddings and funerals.  We showed love to each other, just not through physical contact.   So I’ve never been someone who… Read more »

I’m Thankful

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We just celebrated Thanksgiving, so everyone is (or at least should) be thinking about everything they have to be thankful for.  It’s been a lot time since I’ve done a thankful list, so I think it’s high time to rectify that! Please note these are in no particular order 🙂 #1 Pat.  My husband is my best friend and my… Read more »

International Day of Tolerance

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Today should be a no brainer, but alas, for too many it is not.  Today is International Day of Tolerance. Our planet- and our nation- are home to thousands of different cultures/ ethnicities/ skin tones.  Today we celebrate our differences and honor everyone’s right as a human being to dress, love, worship and live as they see fit.  Today we… Read more »

The Last Conversation

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Recently my husband asked me for my Social Security number.  This isn’t too weird, but unusual enough that I asked why.  Turns out it was because he was going to an informational class about preplanning his funeral/ cremation (still not 100% sure why he needed my SSN for that, but that’s neither here nor there). He’s only 57 and swears… Read more »

Good Neighbor Day

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Today is National Good Neighbor Day! My husband and I have been blessed with wonderful neighbors.  Having good neighbors makes your move more comfortable for sure. Recent polls show that around 25% of us don’t know ANY of our neighbors.  I don’t understand how that can be, but I live in a small town.  I’m guessing it’s mostly people in… Read more »