A Little Bit O’ Green

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Nope, I’m not talking about St Patrick’s Day.

I’m talking about the things we are doing differently than we were a few months or years ago to help the planet.

I will admit I’m not any kind of eco warrior.   I eat too many processed foods.  I use some paper plates and paper towels.  I eat at fast food places more than I should.  I see things like reusable feminine hygiene pads or reusable Q tips and my first thought is “gross”!  (Yes, those are both real things)

But on the flip side, I drive a fuel efficient car and maintain it.  I have switched to silicone drinking straws.  I use laundry pods and wash dark color laundry in cold water.   I watch full loads instead of half loads.  I don’t own a dishwasher.  We have used cloth napkins in our home for many years.   I’m trying to get better cooking at home thanks to my Instant Pot.  I buy larger containers of non-perishable items to cut down on waste.

If we all do a few little things it adds up to a big thing.  So, what are the little (or not so little) things you do for the planet?  Let’s all share our ideas and all get better together!

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