An Open Letter to Republicans

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I know a lot of you.  I used to be one of you.  I know that, for the most part, you are sane, rational people.  You aren’t a Nazi or white supremacists.  You believe in upholding the entire Constitution (not just the 2nd Amendment).  You know our strongest allies include Germany and Canada.  You know that grabbing people by their crotches is wrong.  You understand that, while you may have different ideas on how to accomplish things than the Democrats, that at the end of the day BOTH parties are working for their idea of a better America.

That being said, how many more times does Trump have to show us that he’s either insane, stupid, or both before you stand up and denounce him as a flag bearer for your party?

How much longer are you going to idly sit by and watch this president destroy our reputation abroad and our institutions within before you admit (at least to yourself) that he cares only about himself (and possibly Putin) and does not care one iota about you, or anyone else he can’t use for selfish gain?

I’m not mad at you for voting for him.  Trump made some pretty amazing promises, including affordable healthcare for everyone, better trade agreements, and tax laws that benefit the common man.  However, it’s become increasingly obvious that none of those things are ever going to happen.  This president is more concerned about morning talk show hosts than actual data and more concerned about Russia than members of his own family.

The time has come for the sane, rational Republicans to stand up and say “This isn’t what we signed up for.”   Governing by Twitter isn’t OK.  Alienating our allies isn’t OK.  Trying to undermine our basic freedoms of speech and of a free press isn’t OK – hell, that’s flat-out un-American.

There is the opinion out there that sane, rational Republicans no longer exist.  That Trump is the true face of the party.  I know better because I know so many of you personally.  I know you are kind, decent people who love America and simply believe the government should play a more limited role in our daily lives.  You don’t agree with the rhetoric coming out of Trump’s mouth or the exceedingly poor way he handles diplomatic relations.  But if you don’t speak up your voices will continue to be drowned out by the hateful angry few giving your party a bad name.  And I don’t understand why or how you can stand for that.

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