Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

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I do not identify as a crazy cat lady.  I only have 3 cats AND I have a husband (crazy cat ladies don’t have husbands).  That being said, I was more excited than I probably should be when I learned about today- Answer your cat’s questions day.

I have a pretty good idea what questions my cats have had.  And yes, I do talk to them and try to answer them.  I suspect that Hershey wonders on a daily basis why I’m still here.  Answer- because your daddy loves me.  Pumpkin wonders why we adopted Boots.  Answer- because she needed a home with people who would love her.  Boots wonders why we don’t keep her litter pans quite as clean as she was used to.  Answer- because we have 3 cats instead of just 1 and sometimes Mom is lazy.

What questions do your cats have?  Try to answer them today!

2 thoughts on “Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

  1. Beth Ann Chiles

    My cats continually ask me why the registers in NC do not blow hot air like the ones in Iowa did. They hate heat pumps (and so do I) and I don’t have a good answer for them. So instead I offer them a heated bed to snuggle in. 🙂


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