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In Defense of Valentine’s Day

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I’ve heard a lot of reasons today about why people shouldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. How sad! Why on Earth would anyone NOT want to celebrate love? Well….. #1 “It’s too commercialized”. While I don’t dispute that, so are Christmas, Halloween, etc. if you choose to see them in that way. Your TV has a mute button, a channel selector and… Read more »

Definitely Maybe

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Am I interesting? This is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately- especially when reading other people’s blogs and trying to come up with topics for my own. I know I have strengths. I am a nice person. I think I can be funny. I have a large, if random, collection of information crammed into my skull that… Read more »

Mixed Emotions

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First of all, I am so so sick of finger pointing, public hysteria and politics in general!!! I am so annoyed that I cannot even put together a decent paragraph about any of them right now. Please go ahead and see my previous posts on politics, taking responsibility for yourselves, and generally being an adult. They are all doubly valid… Read more »

The Man in the Mirror

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Recently my husband and I were out for drinks with another couple and the conversation turned to- of all things- Michael Jackson. The comment was made that since he never had a childhood he was emotionally stuck at 7 years old his entire life and there was nothing he could do about it. That statement lead to a minor argument… Read more »

Keep the Faith

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I was reminded yesterday of the power of faith and was humbled by it all at the same time.I have a friend who has been through a jaw-dropping amount of sadness in the past five years. First, her husband of 16 years went to the ER with what everyone thought was a kidney stone but turned out to be cancer…. Read more »

Haiku Hysteria

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I recently happened upon a haiku on a humor website. I really wish I could remember which one as I’d love to give them credit, but alas I cannot. It went like this: Haiku’s are easy to write But they don’t always make sense Refrigerator I found this highly amusing and have been composing a few of my own. I… Read more »

A Fair and Balanced Review of Bon Jovi Greatest Hits- the Ultimate Collection

If you’ve ever met me or read my blog you are well aware of my long-standing love affair with Bon Jovi. And so of course I had to get their Greatest Hits album and of course I had to get the “Ultimate” 2 CD version! So, for the past 3 weeks I have been listening this 2 CD set pretty… Read more »

The Shell Game

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One of the many things that have frustrated me lately is the failure of society as a whole to concentrate on the real problems we are facing as a country and a planet and instead to spend countless hours on things that really aren’t all that important. Granted, it’s not all our fault. In the most recent round of elections… Read more »

Really- why can’t we??

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I have said “Can’t we all just get along??!?!” many times and not as a joke. I don’t know why people have to get so up in arms over their position on, well, just about anything, that they cannot have a calm, reasonable discussion with other adults about them. Granted, I have been known to get a little overheated on… Read more »