Calling all Republicans!

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We are only days away from Biden’s inauguration and I continue to see article after article stating that anywhere from 50% to 80% of Republicans think the election was rigged and / or stolen from Trump.

Polls are not always accurate for a wide variety of reasons.  The number of people polled might be too small.  The demographics of the people polled may be skewed which leads to skewed results  – i.e. all men, all Boomers, all people living in one specific area.  The questions might be poorly worded.  The questions might be worded to lead respondents to a desired answer.  Most of us have seen or heard poll questions like this on those never ending political calls- it’s usually pretty easy to figure out who is doing the polling and what answers they are going for one or two questions in.

Where I am going with this you might wonder?  Simple.  I don’t believe these polls are correct.  I refuse to believe that there are that many otherwise intelligent people who were so completely and totally taken in by these claims.  Claims that have been proven baseless over and over again since Election Day.   Claims that led to violence in our nation’s capitol just last week and potentially more this week.

So, I’m asking all of my Republican/ conservative leading friends to prove me right.  Let me know that yes, you are a Republican and while yes, you would have preferred Trump to win, he didn’t.  I don’t care if you came to this conclusion 5 days ago or 2 months ago.  I don’t care if you think Biden is Satan himself (which he clearly isn’t, but that’s another topic for another day).   I don’t even care if you think it’s unfair to ask this question and/ or you hate the way I worded it.

Just please prove me right.  Please let me know that my faith in humanity is not for naught.


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