Cat hair and corn

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What do cat hair and corn have in common? I seem to be surrounded by them at all times.

I share my home with my husband and 2 black cats. One of these cats loves me and the other hates me but that’s a story for another day. They seem to shed all year round (the cats that is) and no matter where I go or how many times I grab the sticky roller it seems that a little bit of them comes with me. One would think the solution would be to wear black, but Pumpkin has a couple batches of white fur on her and the amazing ability to shed whatever color hair will contrast the best with what I’m wearing. I don’t know how she does this but she is very good at it.

I grew up on a farm and I live in a small town now. This time of year you can’t throw a rock around here without hitting a field of corn (not dreams but that’s not too far from me). I lived in St. Paul MN for several years and I hated it. I am truly a country girl at heart! I know my upbringing has shaped who I am in so many ways and it’s truly a shame that so few kids today will have the kind of great childhood I had.

I am obviously a newcomer to the land of blogs but I am looking forward to this journey. Thanks for taking a part of it with me.

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