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Who Sent You?

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Last summer when Lilly first showed up on our doorstep a lot of people commented that Hershey sent her (For the newcomers, Hershey was my husband’s cat who passed on last winter at the age of 18 1/2 and the poster child for this post). Originally I laughed that off.  Even if I did believe that a dearly departed cat… Read more »

Black Cat Appreciation Day. Yes, We are Doing This One Again

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Yes, I mark this one every year because this one is that important to me. As you know, for the past 15 years I have shared my home with a number of black beauties.  We currently have 2 adult black cats, Pumpkin and Boots, and one of Lilly’s kittens is black as well. In… Read more »

It Needs Repeating

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Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Yes, I have shared this celebration in past years.  But, the stigma against black cats has not gone away.  Once again, animal welfare organizations have issued warnings to owners of black cats to make sure to keep them indoors in the days leading up to Halloween.  Once again, black cats are the least likely… Read more »

Meet My Babies

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I mention my cats a lot in passing, but how well do you really know my critters?  Not very well you say?  Then you are in luck, because today you’re going to up close and personal with the cats of Casa Palmer. First up is our elder statesman- Hershey. Age: 17 Nicknames:  Big Boy, Captain Crabby Pants Likes:  my husband… Read more »