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It Needs Repeating

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Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Yes, I have shared this celebration in past years.  But, the stigma against black cats has not gone away.  Once again, animal welfare organizations have issued warnings to owners of black cats to make sure to keep them indoors in the days leading up to Halloween.  Once again, black cats are the least likely… Read more »

Meet My Babies

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I mention my cats a lot in passing, but how well do you really know my critters?  Not very well you say?  Then you are in luck, because today you’re going to up close and personal with the cats of Casa Palmer. First up is our elder statesman- Hershey. Age: 17 Nicknames:  Big Boy, Captain Crabby Pants Likes:  my husband… Read more »

Adopt a Cat Month

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June is Adopt a Cat month. This is the time of year when local animal shelters are inundated with new cats/ kittens.   Mating season starts in early spring and the gestational period for a cat is only two months long, so that first batch of kittens are here.   And in many cases, the parents of said kittens are there too,… Read more »

Black Cats Rock!

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As I’ve mentioned at previous posts (see here    and here  )  Black Cat Appreciation day is on August 17th.   As I’ve also mentioned many many times  I currently share my home with three black beauties – Hershey, the geriatric, crabby one who hated me for years and now begrudgingly accepts my existence; Pumpkin, my sweet girl and “cover model”… Read more »


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Almost all of us have fold memories of a pet who is no longer with us, so this is a day that can touch us all. There is a lovely poem, author unknown about a place called the Rainbow Bridge, essentially a heaven for well-loved pets.  You can find it all over the internet, including here: Deborah Barnes is a… Read more »